About us

LAAVAT was founded in 2017 with a mission to enable customers to get their secure IoT devices faster to the market without needing to
invest in embedded security and cryptography expertise

Our foundation comes from Nokia, Microsoft, and Intel, where we have built and managed solutions that have secured hundreds of millions of smart devices

Customer stories

IoT security solutions for Vaisala

Vaisala is the lead customer for the LAAVAT IoT security product. Our product makes it possible for Vaisala to bring their portfolio of connected devices to the market with built-in security, based on industry-leading best practices and mainstream technologies.

Professional PKI for Here

The challenge

HERE, the world's leading location platform, needed an automated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution to securely issue X.509 certificates for multiple use cases.

A highly scalable and easily manageable automated PKI solution

LAAVAT delivered a hybrid online PKI solution that consisted of two main components:
Online Certification Authority (CA), running in the customer's own data center
Custom-made Registration Authority (RA) running in the cloud, providing easy configuration and access to external and internal online CAs

The solution is boundlessly scalable and easily manageable through the heavy utilization of Amazon Web Services resources. The solution uses some of the latest technologies such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and other supportive services in order to implement a serverless architecture.

"LAAVAT delivered HERE an automated PKI solution that enables us to securely manage internal Certification Authority and issue certificates for numerous use cases. The solution is easy to manage and highly scalable within our serverless architecture" - HERE Technologies

Cryptographic key life cycle management solution for Foxconn International Holding (FIH)

The challenge

FIH, a leading OEM of mobile devices, needed to renew its legacy key management solution which was unnecessarily complicated for its needs.

Cryptographic key lifecycle management solution to support secure manufacturing of tens of millions of connected devices annually.

The solution brought simplicity and easier maintenance (~80% reduction in deployed server footprint) along with enhanced security capabilities and cost savings (~60% cost savings). It supports HSM based secure generation and distribution of device secret keys to the manufacturing line

The entire migration from the legacy system to LAAVAT’s solution was done with minimal downtime and impact on manufacturing. In addition, LAAVAT provided 24/7 on-call support from Finland for the factory operations in Asia.

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