LAAVAT is always on the lookout for some kickass software and security talents to join us

PKI, cryptography, encryption, and digital signing are our key technologies, but we don't expect you to be a guru with these, though. We use Python quite a lot, but it's also something that can be picked up. It’s the attitude that counts. We admire people who are self-starters and are always willing to learn new things.

We are agile in the true sense with no bureaucracy and no hierarchy.

When we say that our folks are empowered, we really mean it.

If we have got you interested, feel free to get in touch at or connect over Linkedin with Kaustabh or Lauri. Let's grab a lunch in Tampere and have a chat!

By the way, our compensation is comparable to the best in the region! (Yes, even compared to the established ones). We believe in keeping our employees happy, so no benefits are off the table, as long as they are reasonable.