The LAAVAT Product for IoT Security provides a solid foundation
for securing IoT devices through

Product Key Lifecycle Management

Automatically create product cryptographic keys and PKI CA structure for secure boot


Signing and encryption of images and creation of the secure firmware updates

Secure Device Provisioning for manufacturing

Secure delivery of material for programming and crypto operations during manufacturing

Certificate Issuance for various use cases

Issuance of X.509 certificates through an EST/REST interface to support strong device identity, secure device management, and communication

    Built around hardware-based cryptographic key management with PKI, code signing and encryption technologies

    Easily integrable to the customer's existing IT and manufacturing systems

    Currently supports NXP i.MX6 ULL & SoloX, and Xilinx Zync 7000 based devices. Support for new chipsets is under development

    Deployable to customer’s Data Center (Available now) or AWS (availability H2’2020)