LAAVAT creates secure and reliable enterprise solutions for PKI, digital signing and encryption with world class key management expertise.

These solutions help our customers mitigate security risks and comply with policies and regulations globally. We provide solutions with modern and scalable architectures, making them cost effective and easy to maintain.

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Customer deliveries for some of the world’s top technology companies

A cryptographic key lifecycle management solution for a major manufacturer of connected devices

LAAVAT developed and integrated a cryptographic key lifecycle management solution into the manufacturing supply chain of a major manufacturer of connected devices. LAAVAT’s solution supports the secure manufacturing of tens of millions of connected devices annually.

Before LAAVAT’s solution, the manufacturer used a legacy key management solution that was unnecessarily complicated for the customer's needs. The LAAVAT solution brought simplicity and easier maintenance along with enhanced security capabilities and cost savings for the customer. The entire migration from the legacy system to LAAVAT’s solution was done with minimal downtime and impact to manufacturing.

A professional PKI solution for HERE

HEREneeded an automated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution to securely issue X.509 certificates for multiple use cases. LAAVAT delivered a hybrid online PKI solution that consisted of two main components:

  • Online Certification Authority (CA), running in the customer's own data center
  • Custom-made Registration Authority (RA) running in the cloud, providing easy configuration and access to external and internal online CAs

LAAVAT is currently enhancing the solution to be boundlessly scalable and easily manageable through heavy utilization of Amazon Web Services resources. The solution uses some of the latest technologies such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and other supportive services in order to implement a serverless architecture.



Kuivala and Rönnlund join LAAVAT Advisory Board

LAAVAT is honored to appoint Petri Kuivala, a thought leader in cybersecurity, and Kaj Rönnlund, a well-known business angel, to the LAAVAT advisory board. Petri and […]

Security solutions on a global scale

LAAVAT provides PKI, digital signing, encryption, and key management solutions. The company consists of former Microsoft and Nokia security experts with extensive experience in developing and managing business-critical security solutions on a global scale.

LAAVAT has already established a customer base in North America, Europe, and Asia.