Cryptographic key lifecycle management

LAAVAT provides key management solutions based on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). On-premises and cloud-based hardware security solutions guarantee high-quality keys and strong protection in use, transit and rest.

Our offering emphasizes manageability, configurable authentication and authorization schemes as well as resilience. Our expertise in HSMs covers models from all major vendors.

Professional PKI solutions

LAAVAT provides professional PKI solutions for certificate management. We support a wide range of use cases, such as communication security, strong authentication and authorization, and signing and verifying the integrity of firmware and applications.

Our PKI offering covers:

  • The entire certificate lifecycle management
  • Online and offline PKI solutions
  • Processes and PKI-related documentation such as CPSs (certificate practice statements), CPs (certificate policies) and key creation
  • Physical and logical security aspects for managing PKI solutions
  • Various open source and commercial CA (Certification Authority) solutions

Our PKI solutions can be customized based on customer needs. We build our solutions with modern technologies such as cloud services and paradigms such as serverless architectures. This makes our solutions easier to maintain and operate.

Digital signing & encryption

LAAVAT provides digital signing solutions for signing different types of content such as firmware images and applications for a wide-range of platforms including Android, Windows, Linux and a number of embedded real-time operating systems.

We also provide encryption services for connected devices and services.

Device security solutions

LAAVAT provides solutions for secure device manufacturing through secure key delivery and end-to-end secret encryption. Our solutions support secure delivery and injecting device secrets during manufacturing in order to enable features such as secure boot for a number of chipset solutions, device bootstrapping and over the air firmware updates.

Our solutions can be easily integrated to existing supply chain solutions. We also help our customers in the secure manufacturing of connected devices in ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) factories.